Accessibility Statement

One of Penn Station’s core beliefs is that everyone in our community should have a place here, regardless of technology or ability. Because of that belief, Penn Station is committed to maintaining a website that is accessible to all. To that end, Penn Station is making active efforts to ensure its website substantially complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines designed by the World Wide Web Consortium, the international leader in website accessibility. These efforts include:

  • Regularly reviewing its website for technical issues that could impede access;
  • Maintaining multiple methods and channels of contact for users to report any technical issues they experience; and
  • Addressing issues promptly whenever they are found or reported.

Accessibility is a crucial goal towards which Penn Station is actively striving at all times. Together, we are confident we can achieve it. If you encounter an issue accessing our website, please let us know using any of the methods below.

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Phone: 513-474-5957
Address: 1226 US Highway 50, Milford, OH 45150
Last Updated On: 10-28-2021
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